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Versace fashion house

Gianni Versace founded his famous fashion house in 1978 in Italy and opened first boutique in Milan. Gianni Versace fashion brand has several lines, such as Gianni Versace Couture, Versace Jeans Couture, Versace collection, Versus and other lines that sell home decoration items.

After Gianni Versace's assassination in 1997 his sister Donatella Versace and brother Santo Versace stepped in to take business into their hands. Also Donatella's daughter Allegra according to the will left by Gianni Versace owns 50% of the business. Versace today sells high-end fashion clothing, jewelry, skincare and makeup products, including very popular Versace perfumes and Versace handbags. Versace cosmetics and and watches are well sold. Versace home items concentrates on furniture, bedding linens and other home items, including lighting items. Versace apparel lines sell also beautiful and elegant Versace wedding dresses. Also other Donatella Versace dresses are available online on sale. Versace Precious Items sells exclusive watches and jewelry. Versace sunglasses have their sophisticated sexy appeal and these Versace eyewear items are still hot this season. Some of the wholesale Versace sunglasses are offered on sale with discounts, you should check the Versace sunglasses catalog for men's Versace sunglasses. Versace cologne, Versace perfume and Versace handbags will make a great gift.

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