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Valentino Garavani

Valentino Garavani known as Valentino is one of the famous Italian elite fashion designers. His feminine and elegant designs have been captivating from the very beginning and the clientele included such fashion icons as Jackie Kennedy.

Valentino at the age of 17 moved to Paris to pursue his passion for designing, where he studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. He worked for Balenciaga, then for Guy Laroche and in 1959 moved back to Rome to start up his own fashion house under name Valentino. His true breakthrough show was Collezione Bianca and after that success seems to be accompanying Valentino fashion house so far. Today Valentino brand sells jewelry, Valentino sunglasses, bags, footwear, accessories, perfumes, shirts, jeans and coats. Valentino bags and Valentino accessories. Valentino 3/4 length dresses have the same chic and class appeal as always. Valentino handbags and Valentino perfume or Valentino sunglasses will make great Christmas gift. Buy Valentino accessories online and save money. Significant discounts on all Valentino products, including discount Valentino shoes, discount Valentino sunglasses, dresses and skirts. Valentino bags and purses with floral motives available in many sizes and styles. These gorgeous handbags will supplement Valentino suit or Valentino dress in Valentino red.

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