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Kenzo Fashion House

Futuristic concepts combined vintage romance, floral patterns, ultra feminine shapes, drama - this is all Kenzo. Whether Kenzo tableware, perfumes or clothing - they all have this sensuality and scrupulous attention to every detail, every line. Models on Kenzo shows are like fairies

Kenzo brand is created by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada. Kenzo was born in Israel in 1939. His early interest for design and fashion developed when reading his sisters fashion magazines. Kenzo Takada studied at Kobe University but left it and joined the Tokyo Bunka Fashion College. His first success was his fashion shows and opening of a store in 1970-ties. He also won the Fashion Editor Club of Japan's award. His models appeared on Elle magazine and slowly, but steady the world learned about Kenzo. The first Kenzo men clothing collection was launched in 1983. Kenzo Takada also developed very successful perfume and cologne lines. Kenzo retired in 1999 and today his fashion house is owned by LVMH - French fashion products company.
Today Kenzo offers ready-to-wear fashion for men, women and kids, contemporary furniture and Kenzo home decoration items, as well as Kenzo skincare and fragrances (Kenzo Amour).
Kenzo perfume or Kenzo fragrances are very popular - sweet, fresh and oriental. Flower by Kenzo (Kenzo flower) has very exquisite fragrance contained in a futuristic floral bottle. Kenzo jungle, also Kenzo Amour, Kenzo summer and L'eau par Kenzo, Kenzo eau are available on sale. These are genuine, original designer Kenzo fragrances. More information will be added on Kenzo jeans and Kenzo homme.

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