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Christian Dior Fashion House

This famous French designer was born in 1905 in Normandy. His life has been full of interesting turns and edges, for example, he studied at the Ecole des Sciences Politiques, because his parents were determined that their son would become a diplomat.

Meanwhile Christian Dior's passion for arts made him sell his fashion sketches for just 10 cents. s In 1982 with help of his father's money Dior opened a small arts gallery, which he later had to close due to financial difficulties of his family. Then Christian Dior was called into an army. After military service he joined Lucien Lelong fashion house, but in 1947 presented his first own collection called Corolle (petal in French) which was later acclaimed to be the New Look collection. Christian Dior made beautiful dresses and skirts that had fantastic feminine silhouettes and were made of beautiful and expensive fabrics. Women in post war period were finally receiving something truly amazing and feminine. The new look was created to make them forget horrors of war.
Christian Dior fashion house sells everything, from Christian Dior sunglasses to Dior shoes, Dior jewelry and even Christian Dior baby accessories. Christian Dior dresses from the latest Christian Dior runway show still feature the same romantic femininity that Dior was always all about. Christian Dior clothing is as popular as Christian Dior perfumes (for example Poison perfume by Christian Dior) and eyeglasses. Sometimes when you purchase Christian Dior necklace you can get a Christian Dior gift with purchase. Christian Dior costume jewelry from the Christian Dior couture is fabulous. Christian Dior makeup and Christian Dior skincare is also very popular.
Christian Dior designs, including Christian Dior vintage is one of the most beautiful Christian Dior designs.
Luxury designer bags and designer tote bags.

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